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How To Detox Each Organ To Never Be Sick Or Tired Again

How To Detox Each Organ To Never Be Sick Or Tired Again

When it comes to health the tips which you get to know are either related to diet or exercise. But do you know there is one more step which can land you directly on the path of well-being  This step is known as detoxification.

Over a period of time due to inactivity, stress, poor diet or exposure to a toxin in high level our organs get clogged with thick fluid. It is very important to detoxify the body and remove the toxin from our body.

Here is how you can detoxify the important systems and organs in your body.

1. Liver

Live is an important organ of our body which detoxifies the blood to get rid of drugs and alcohol. It is storage hub of the body which stores iron and vitamins and also regulates the energy, hormones and cholesterol level in the body.

Excess intake of alcohol, regular prescription or due to over consumption of fatty foods, our liver get overloaded with work and finally becomes unable to perform the tasks. This leads to inefficient filtration of blood.

Using the natural method you can clear the clogged liver. You just have to stop the high intake of fat, alcohol and sugar. Go for a healthy diet and include food like cumin, ginger, cayenne, tomatoes, lemon, turmeric, garlic, green tea nad cruciferous vegetables in your diet. Regular use of this diet for just 3 days can detoxify your liver and enable it to perform well.

2. Gallbladder

The gallbladder is closely connected with the liver. When liver get overloaded with toxins it releases the highly concentrated bile in the gallbladder. This leads to a clogged gallbladder which can create gallstones and pain in stomach.
The people with high fat and high cholesterol diet often suffer from gallstones. However, there is a reverse case too, one who skips a meal, do a lot of dieting to lose weight quickly or don’t have proper intake of fiber also suffer from gallstones.

A daily consumption of peppermint and milk thistle can help to detoxify the gallbladder. It is important to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated all the time. Eat lots of insoluble fiber and make sure that you avoid high-fat foods.

3. Blood

Blood actually acts as a means of transportation to provide nutrients and oxygen to every part of our body. It also collects the waste from the tissues for further processing.

Due to the aging process or poor diet, the arteries gradually becomes less flexible. Also, over a period of time arteries get full of plaque which puts stress on heart and limits the blood circulation to some part of the body.

Sometimes due to dehydration the blood becomes sticky and thus, it doesn’t move quickly throughout the body. Some medication also leads to changes in blood development process leading to clots. This clots clogs the arteries and is very hazardous to our health as one can suffer from a heart attack, stroke or even can die due to clogged arteries.

The intoxicated and overloaded kidney and liver also dump toxins in the blood which get eventually circulated in the body and reach to our major organs. This is a too dangerous situation and thus, there is very important to detoxify the blood.

You should eat food which is rich source of an antioxidant such as dark leafy vegetables, blueberries, lemons, beets and garlic. The treatment of diuretic Burdock root is considered as a holistic approach to purify the blood. You can also try the expectorant and circulation-booting red clover to detoxify the blood.

4. Lymph

The lymphatic system consists of lymph, which is a protein and fat-rich fluid. It carries the important white blood cells which fight the infection and keep our body healthy.

The lymph doesn’t keep moving like the way heart pumps blood and keep it moving in the body. Thus, due to inactivity the lymph often gets congested. Its circulation becomes slower if the consumption of process foods is high and the intake of water is less.
Aerobic exercises or daily cardio exercise helps to keep lymph moving in the body. Lymph massages or dry brushing are also useful to detoxify the lymph.

5. Pancreas

Insulin production and releasing it in the body is the important function of the pancreas. The insulin regulates glucose metabolism. Thus, the pancreas indirectly regulates the blood sugar level and prevent it from getting too high.

The production of insulin almost stops when the pancreas gets clogged due to fats. Thus, the regulation of blood sugar level no more happens which makes you a diabetic patient.

Losing a single gram of fat from your pancreas is enough to get rid of type 2 diabetes. The inflammation is sometimes responsible for reducing the functionality of pancreas. Thus, include more anti-inflammatory foods like lemon, pineapple, turmeric in your daily diet to keep your pancreas healthy.

6. Intestines

You never know that food which you eat evert day can stick onto your intestine. Once the food sticks in the intestine or leads to mucus formation. This end up inflammation in the intestine and toxin starts building up which finally enters in the bloodstream.

The toxin builds up in the intenstine lead to fatigue, the low energy level in the body, headache and weight gain. Constipation can also back up a stool in the intestines which lead to devastating effects on the nervous system.

Colon cleansing is a common process which many health practitioners suggest detoxifying the body. But many times this process leads to stomach pain, abdominal cramping, nausea, diarrheal and vomiting.

You can just focus on drinking a lot of water and consume probiotics, food rich in fiber and magnesium to prevent constipation.

You can make a tea with a combination of 1 tbsp of ginger and 1 tsp each of cayenne and fennel seeds. Drink this tea every morning which will help you fight inflammation, ulcers, oxidative stress, gastritis, and flatulence.

7. Kidneys

The kidney plays an important role in eliminating waste product from our body. It also helps to balance the minerals in the body, produce hormones and regulate hydration. It also filters blood to remover toxin form it.

Potassium-rich fruits and vegetables like sweet line, grapes, oranges, bananas, cantaloupes, apricots, kiwis, prunes, dandelion help to cleanse the kidney.

Cranberries consist of a compound called quinine which converts it into hippuric acid once it is in the body. It helps to clear the excess buildup of uric acid and urea in the kidney. It is commonly used for the treatment of urinary tract infections and helps to prevent kidney stones.

Here you go! Use all suggested detoxification process tp detoxify the important part of the body. During this process also, take care of detoxification of your mind. Keep negative emotions, anxiety and stress away from your mind as this can actually leads to hormonal imbalance, excessive free radical production, and chronic inflammation. You can try yoga to get peaceful mind!


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