Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Simple Tips To Fight Frequent Tiredness

Simple Tips To Fight Frequent Tiredness 

1. Small Meals Throughout The Day
Eat often to beat tiredness. It is the simplest trick. Have a low-cal snack every two or three hours rather than a couple of large meals.

2. Get Moving
You might be working too hard during the day, but exercising regularly will not only just boost up your energy levels but also make you feel less tired. Even 15 minutes of brisk walking a day will do the trick.

3. Drink Water
At times you are tired simply because you're mildly dehydrated. A glass of water will do the trick, especially after exercise.

4. Early To Bed, Early To Rise
Lack of sleep increases the risk of accidents and is one of the leading causes of daytime fatigue. The solution: get to be dearly enough for a full night's sleep.

5. Cut The Caffeine
Several studies done by psychiatrists have shown theories saying that people who are perpetually tired should cut down on their caffeine intake and gradually stop drinking all caffeinated drinks. Try to stay off caffeine completely for a month to see if you feel less tired without it.

6. Go Slow On The Alcohol
Although a couple of drinks in the evening always feel good, ultimately it will hamper your sleep. No matter how well and long you slept through the night, you end up feeling tired the next morning. Make a point to cut down on alcohol at least 2.5-3 hours before bedtime.

7. Reduce Stress
Stress uses up a lot of energy. Find your stress buster-it could be working out at the gym, playing squash or swimming with your buddies. Remember, whatever relaxes you and makes you happy improves the energy levels.

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