Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Enemies of Immunity

Enemies of Immunity 

1. Immunity can weaken due to excessive intake of sugar in the body. Therefore, to avoid sugary soft drinks, coffee with sugar, alcohol sweet.

2. Research has shown that the immunity falls for the single lifestyle or retreat into themselves. The recipe is clear - unite!

3. Both overweight jeopardizes immunity. The latest data from the Institute of Public Health have shown that we are getting fatter. Thickness threatens all age groups!

4. Tobacco smoke and alcohol and how these are great enemies of our body, so these two grim wedding should be completely out of our everyday life. The first well-being will be felt very quickly.

The complexity of the immune system and the absence of measurable parameters, which would determine its status, imposes caution in the interpretation, particularly in advising how to improve it.

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